Samira Specializes in all Henna Artistry Styles.

Including:                                         Traditional South Asian Bridal                     Indo-Arabic Fusion                               Khaleeji                                             Western Contemporary                               Jewelry-Style art


Samira is a self-taught artist who grew up in a multi-cultural family.  There was no limit to her appreciation of art all around the globe.  Once she picked up Henna Artistry she knew that this was her passion..... I guess all the years in doodling in class paid off.

She completed her Nursing Degree in 2010. and worked in Health Care for a few years.  Health care and art were a side by side passion, but Samira's fire burned greater for doing what she loves to do in Henna Artistry.  

The Designs she creates are very diverse. They can be contemporary, or feature influences from Arabic, Moroccan, Indian, and Indo-Arabic fusions.