Samira’s Henna Designs

Creating Timeless Designs With Passion



Samira's Henna Designs

Previous 1st Place Winner of Maharani Weddings Mehndi Competition in 2015

Listed #1 Henna Artist In Dallas by Dj Riz Entertainment Blog for Indian Weddings

Samira first picked up doing henna in November of 2012 while working as a nurse.  She  started doing it professionally for Brides  in 2015. 

Using NATURAL HENNA paste that she prepares herself fresh for each event.  Her goal is to reflect the clients personality, style and story in each henna application.

While Samira is skilled to create all different styles of henna art as well as custom illustrations that she is known for, her personal style that she is drawn to is a   mixture of traditional Indo/ Arab fusion with modernistic trends as well as custom illustrations that reflect the Brides and Grooms story.

Today, Samira continues to work in Dallas and travels throughout the United States to create timeless bridal art as well as caters to all types of events from Birthday Parties to Corporate Events.

Honored and thankful to all her clients and following;  she never would have thought all her hours doodling in middle school and high school would manifest into a passionate profession that lead her to be able to share her art with the world.


Meet The Artist

Samira A.

Award Winning Henna Artist

Previous Guest Henna Instructor For:

Future Guest Henna Instructor for:

  • Henna Huddle - UK (London)                    November 20/20